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Holy Walkamolies Limited

Amazing Bi-Wing 57" Balsa Wood Nitro RC Plane with 4 Stroke Engine

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This listing is for an Amazing Bi-Wing 57" Remote Control Plane.  Made of Balsa Wood, is in Excellent Condition and is packing power...with a 4-Stroke Engine.  (It has a Magnum XL engine.)  🛩

Bright Yellow in Color, with accents of blue and red design, on the wings.  There is a black and white checkerboard design on both sides of the plane and on the tail fin.

Runs great...engine smooth and fires up quickly.  Measures 57" wing tip to wing tip.  It measures 50" from propeller to the tail.  And stands 14" tall, from the ground up.

This is not a beginners RC plane, but with'll master the controls quickly and have fun flying high in the sky.  

Feel free to message me if you have questions.  Thank you for visiting my store.  😀