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Bionicle *PS2 Playstation 2 Game Disc Plays Great!!

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 Bionicle is set on the fictional island of Mata Nui, which is divided into six elementally-themed regions, or Wahi: the aquatic region of Ga-Wahi, the jungle region of Le-Wahi, the icy and mountainous region of Ko-Wahi, the subterranean region of Onu-Wahi, the desert region of Po-Wahi, and the volcanic region of Ta-Wahi. Each of the regions contains a village, known as a koro, and each koro is led by a Turaga, the village elder. A great temple, Kini-Nui, lies near the center of the island.[7] Each village is protected by a Toa, a warrior with elemental powers.

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