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Disney Star Wars 20" Yoda Figure Candy Bowl Holder (2011)

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Disney Star Wars 20" Yoda

**Candy Bowl Holder**

Lucasfilm 2011

Almost life-sized.  Yoda is made from lightweight polyurethane and comes with a flat, open back so you can put him up against a wall or even hang him to the wall.

Size matters not.  Look at me.  Judge me by my size, do you?  Hmm?

And we should not!  But even if we did judge this beautifully designed Yoda action figure by his size, we could still say that with his 45cm of height, he's almost as tall as the actual Jedi Master himself (66 cm, by the way), and therefore only marginally smaller.

For eight hundred years have I held candies...

Jedi Masters are strong, and the Force is definitely strong with Master Yoda –(that's why he's holding all of your sweets, crisps or nuts without so much as a tremor in the Force!) And of course, if Yoda is offering sweets and stuff, that can't be a bad thing as he managed to live to the ripe old age of 900! To guilt-free snack, able you are!

Thanks to his open back and low weight, you could even hang him on the wall and fill his bowl with other things.  How about your keys? Or the Nintendo DS XL?  The latter actually does fit perfectly into his small green hands!

Nibble or nibble not... there is no try.

 Dimensions: 10" x 11" x 20"

Material: thermoplast 

All reasonable offers are welcome. 

In Wonderful Condition. 

From a non-smoking home.