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Marvel Team-up "SPIDER-MAN & IRONMAN" Comic #145 (1984)

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Marvel Team-up Spider-man & Ironman

Comic #145 (1984)

"Hometown Boy" Guest-starring Spider-Man and Iron Man. Script by Tony Isabella. Pencils by Greg LaRocque. Inks by Mike Esposito. Cover by Greg LaRocque and Bob Layton. Peter Parker and Jim Rhodes attend the Electronics Engineers and Innovators Convention in Cleveland! There is someone else there too, Mark Scarlotti...better known to the web-slinger and Shell-Head as Blacklash!

However, Blacklash is in his hometown trying to turn his life around, not fight super-heroes. But breaking old habits, like performing hits for the Maggia, can be hard to do! Sure enough, Blacklash cannot resist the temptation! And that brings the whip-wielding villain into direct conflict with the wall-crawler (in his black costume) and the golden avenger!

All of my comics are stored and shipped, in a plastic sleeve and cardboard backing.  I've only removed the comic,  in order to photograph it.

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