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"More Starlight to Your Heart" Hiro Matsuba (Volumes #1 & 2) Manga Books

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"More Starlight to Your Heart" by Hiro Matsuba (Volumes #1 & 2) Manga Books

In Like-New Condition

 Akane is a charming young girl with two separate identities.  Growing up as a princess in the Dainagon family, she befriends Aogi, who later takes the position with the Inner Guards at the Imperial Palace - thus becoming unavailable to the outside world.  When their separation becomes unbearable, Akane disguises herself as a maid of her mother, who works for the emperor!  But entering the gates of the castle doesn't get her any closer to Aogi, and soon these star-crossed lovers are breaking all the rules for that sweet reunion they both crave.

In Like-New Condition, see photos for additional information and description of books.  From a non-smoking home.  All reasonable offers are welcome.

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