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NEW *Polar Lights (Star Trek) USS Enterprise Reliant Wrath Khan Model #42 *1:1000

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Polar Lights - Star Trek The USS Enterprise Reliant Wrath Khan

*Model #42, (POL975M/12)

Brand New

BUILD A REPLICA: Nothing's as rewarding as assembling a model space shuttle from. Give it a go with the ship high jacked by the villainous Khan Noonien Singh, in STAR TREK II: THE Wrath of Khan, one of the most popular ships in STAR TREK Canon.

This model is created from modern tooling for excellent fit and presents a fun building experience.  The model is 9.75" long once completed and rests atop a Dome base with sturdy metal support rod.
This commemorative edition features water slide decals for ship registries and mechanical markings and BONUS battle damage decals.
Size: 9.25" x 3.75" x 6.50"

All reasonable offers are welcome.

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