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Holy Walkamolies Limited

'SANTA CLARA' Amazing Ostrich Native Egg Art, by Artist 'Ruben Gallegos 1986

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This listing is for an Amazing Native Egg Art, by Artist Ruben Gallegos.  His work was created on one of his favorite mediums, an Ostrich Egg.  Ruben entitled this piece, "SANTA CLARA", and signed his work in 1986.

Ruben has been drawing all his life, dating back to his high school years, where he would sketch student portraits for a dollar.  He obtained his art degree in 1975, and continued his creative artistic talent in sculpting and painting.  His Christmas Ostrich Eggshell Art were a hit and even has a piece of art hanging in the whitehouse.

I've included several pictures of this egg, SANTA CLARA, and I have included a brief history on Ruben's Life.  This Eggshell Art is in excellent condition and there is no damage to the egg.

Feel free to message me with any questions you might have regarding this item.  Thank you for visiting my page.  Be sure to visit my online store for more unique finds and great bargains.