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Holy Walkamolies Limited

Stave Puzzle "Life's A Dance" 2013 Teaser-Puzzle *Brand New

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"Life's A Dance" 2013

Brand New

It has 85 Pieces

Size: 11" x 7.25"

Retails $716

You'll want to hum your favorite tune while assembling these dancers from around the world.  Who knows, you just might learn a few new dance steps too.

"Considered the Rolls Royce of Wooden Puzzles." - Smithsonian Magazine 1990

These are not your ordinary jigsaw puzzles...

Each puzzle is meticulously hand-cut using delicately fine blades, one piece at a time, by a skilled crafter. No computers, no high-tech. One saw, one cutter—that's it.  The cherry back is gently sanded and polished by hand to a soft gleam.

Each puzzle is unique, expressive and extremely captivating...a work of art.

It is a 'Trick' puzzle, starting with the finest art available.  Often crafted with an irregular edge that will vary depending on the size of the puzzle.

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