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"The Incrediable HULK" *Marvel Comic Vol.1/#282 (1983) **Key Issue

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Marvel "The Incredible Hulk" Comic Book

"Again, Arsenal!"

Issue: Volume 1 / No.282

Date: (April / 1983)

Key Issue - This is the 1st time, when Hulk & She-Hulk, Team-up together and fight.

 Attempting to avoid more civil destruction, Bruce Banner decides to help Iron Man search for Ommivac, using Stark's Omnifunctional Detection Device.  As they wait for answers, She-Hulks origin is retold.

 I've been an avid Comic Book fan, since I was a child.  Over the years, I've amassed quite a few comics and I've decided to let go.  They have all been taken care of, properly sleeved and will be shipped with the amount of care too.

All reasonable offers are welcome.

Happy to create bundles.  I have many different patterns, Craft items, clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry, toys, collectibles, comic books, pokemon & garbage kid trading cards, action figures, movies, video games and much, much more!!

Feel free to message me with any questions you might have regarding this item. Thank you for visiting my page.  Be sure to visit my online store for more unique finds and great bargains.